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IEC was established in the year 1982 by R. Vijayraghavan. Vijayraghavan, who has been a Director of IEC, since its inception, and Managing Director since 1985, has more than 50 years of rich experience working on DC Machines. He started his career as a DC motor designer with BBC (now ABB) at Mannheim, Germany and returned to India after a 4 year stint. Subsequently, he joined Kirloskar Electric Company as a DC motor designer. This was at a time when the potential for DC motors was untapped in India with the industry unaware of the benefits of using variable speed drives for different applications. Vijayraghavan, then started to educate users and was largely responsible for promoting these motors in various applications in the Indian industry. It is due to these efforts that he is recognised as a pioneer who popularised the usage of DC motors in India.


2014 Frame 560 AC Machines

Development & Supply of Frame 560 AC Machine

2013 Permanent Magnet Machines

Development of Permanent Magnet Generators and Control for Telecommunication Applications
Development of Laminated Yoke Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
Production of 400 and 450 Frame AC Motors
Development of Smoke Extraction Motors
Development of Fuel Pump Motors for Railway Auxiliaries

2012 Variable Speed Solutions for Generating Sets

Development of Variable Speed AC Generators and Control for enhanced fuel saving
Development of DC Traction Motors for METRO RAILWAYS

2011 Hybrid Power System Solution

Developed and exported complete Hybrid Systems including Generating sets and power management units with compatibility to add various renewable energy sources like windmills, solar panels, etc.

2010 Fuel Saving Solution for Telecom Towers

Alternator with Control Panel for Telecom Towers which reduced diesel consumption by close to 60%
Opening of a New Factory at Chikkabellapur to manufacture small AC Motors.

2009 FRAME 355 AC Motors

Range of AC Motors expanded to include frame 355

2007 AC Factory

Opening of a New Factory of 30000 sq.ft to house AC Motors and AC Generators production.

2005 Laminated Yoke AC Motors

Development of Laminated Yoke AC Motors Range

2004 Frame 900 DC Motors

Production of Frame 900 DC Motors.
Development of Excavator Electric Set

2003 Vector Controlled AC Drives

Production of Vector Control based AC Drives that have been developed completely in-house.
ISO 9000:2000 certification obtained for all products.
Development of Frame 250 AC Motor extending the range to 55kW.

2002 New Factory

Opening of a New Factory of 30000 sq.ft to house machining and fabrication facilities and to build motors weighing up to 50 tons.
ISO 9001 awarded to the AC Generator division.
Development of Frame 180 AC Motor extending the range to 22kW.

2001 AC Generator frame 132

Development of AC Generator frame 132 (7.5 to 20 KVA).

2000 DC Compressor Motors

Development of Railway compressor DC Motors.

1999 DC Traction Motors

Development of Low voltage DC traction motors for battery driven vehicles.

1998 ISO 9001

Development of AC Generator frame 280 (160 KVA to 320 KVA).
ISO 9001 awarded to the DC Motor division.

1997 Solar Pump Motors

Development of AC Generator frame 180 (25KVA to 63 KVA).
Development of permanent magnet DC solar pump motors.
Development of DC blower motors for cooling traction dynamic breaking resistors.

1996 AC Motor Development

Development & Production of AC Motors between 0.12 to 18.5 KW.

1995 AC Drive Development

Commencement of production of AC Drives which have been developed completely in-house.
Development of DC Motor frame 710 (1625 KW at 350 RPM).

1994 DC Motors Kit Development

Development of DC Motor kit export to Belfast, Ireland along with complete designs to service the markets of UK, Europe and USA.
Development of Frame 225 Alternators (70 to 140 KVA).

1993 AISE Motors

Development of the range of AISE motors 802 to 818.
Export of DC Machines to USA.
Development of DC Motor frame 560 (1450 KW at 450 RPM).

1992 Sugar Centrifuge Motors

Variable speed DC Motors for sugar centrifuges which has revolutionized the Sugar industry in India.

1989 New Factory at Peenya

Commencement of manufacturing at a new factory at Peenya, Bengaluru (Bangalore).
Export of DC Motors to Germany.

1986 DC Motor Frame 315

Development of DC Motor frame 315 (500 KW at 1500 RPM).

1983-1985 DC Motor Frame 100 to 225

Development of DC Motor frames between 100 and 225 (3.7 KW to 200 KW at 1500 RPM).

1982 Formation

Formation of the company. Manufacturing facilities established at Kamakshipalya, Bengaluru (Bangalore).
Development of DC Motor frame 80 (0.37 KW to 2.2 KW at 1500 RPM).