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Front End Converters

AC Drives

The Front End Converter (FEC) is mainly employed in Four Quadrant applications that demand regeneration. The FEC converts AC to DC (during motoring) or DC to AC (during regeneration) and maintains a constant DC bus voltage irrespective of input voltage fluctuations. When the prime mover is in motoring mode, the FEC draws power from the mains and when it is in the generation mode, it feeds power back to the mains.

  • IGBT/IPM based Power circuit
  • Advanced DSP based Control
  • The input power factor is maintained close to unity under all operating conditions
  • The FEC features harmonic filtering and the input current waveform is sinusoidal both in motoring and in regeneration modes
  • Due to the presence of the boost converter the motor can be used to its rated voltage capacity despite the mains supply voltage being lower
  • A single FEC can support multiple inverters at its DC Link
  • Conversion of existing 2 quadrant inverters with dynamic braking to regenerative drives for energy cost savings
  • Batch type Sugar Centrifuges
  • Crane drives
  • Entry and Exit Tension Reels
  • Unwinders in paper
  • Elevator Drives
  • CNC machine spindle drives