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Educational & Research Solutions

AC Drives

    DIGIVAC - DSP based motor controller trainer kit
  • Jointly developed with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc)- Electrical Engineering Department to cater to the educational requirements of undergraduate and post graduate students
  • Consists of an Induction Motor- DC Generator coupled set, IGBT inverter and DSP controller
  • Consists of Experiments and Solutions manual that leads the students step by step into higher levels of complexity till they are able to clearly comprehend motor control algorithms
  • Has been supplied to all premier institutions in the country like the IIT's, NIT's, etc.
    IGBT Hardware stack
  • Ready to use IGBT power converter hardware to enable research scholars to focus on core algorithm and control development
  • The System consists of IGBT's mounted on a Heatsink, Drivers, Capacitors and Sensors
  • The hardware is protected against short circuit & Over current faults
  • The hardware is suitable for different types of power converter configurations like DC-DC,DC-AC, AC- DC etc.
    Advanced Motor Controller Lab Kit
  • Comprehensive motor control educational kits with multiple configurations of Motor Generator sets containing Induction Motors, PM Synchronous Motors, DC Motors & BLDC Motors
  • Fully regenerative IGBT bidirectional converters suitable for 4Q operation
  • Advanced loading systems with a very high efficiency and low mains power utilization
  • Sensors suitable for torque & speed measurement
  • Isolated & protected test points for PWM Pulses, Voltages & Currents
  • Hardware suitable for control through external controllers
    Doubly fed Induction Generator (DFIG) & Controller Set
  • Used in research work on control of DFIG's
  • The system consists of an Induction motor coupled with a DFIG
  • IGBT converter is used for advanced DSP based Rotor side control
  • Active Front End converter for super synchronous operation
  • Variable frequency drive for adjusting prime mover speed